Hello, I'm Vickie


I am a passionate advocate for individuals with visual impairments, disabilities, and caregivers. My journey began when I became legally blind at a young age, and ever since, I've dedicated my life to empowering others to overcome their challenges and reach their full potential.

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My Journey and Challenges


My journey with visual impairment began at the age of nine after a traumatic childhood event. I slipped through the cracks and was not diagnosed until I was seventeen. Instead of letting it hold me back, I saw it as an opportunity to turn my life's biggest obstacle into my greatest blessing. 


In addition to my dedication to educational advocacy and training for the disabled and their employers, I have been a caregiver for my husband, who has faced medical conditions stemming from his service in the United States military. These challenges have been a significant part of our lives. As his best friend throughout our 30-year marriage, I immersed myself in educational programs and trainings related to all aspects of caregiving. I obtained the VA (Veterans) National Certificate Program for Caregivers and became his primary caregiver.


Inspiration and Commitment


Driven by faith, I found my calling in serving individuals with similar challenges. As an expert in assistive technology, I've had the privilege of serving thousands of individuals and collaborating with employers and state agencies in Hawaii and Nevada.


My work is guided by the values of empathy, compassion, and kindness, aiming to uplift and support individuals with disabilities and their caregivers.

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Empowering Others

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I passionately believe in the inherent potential of every individual, especially those facing visual impairments and disabilities.


For me, the world is full of unique opportunities, and every challenge is a chance for growth.


Drawing from my own experiences with legal blindness for over 50 years and my expertise in assistive technology, I am dedicated to transforming lives and helping organizations create inclusive environments. I offer coaching, mentorship, guidance, and essential resources to navigate the challenges of visual impairment and disability.

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